Easy Status Check for Alerts & Trends
Plumbmetrics Mental Health Monitoring & Assessment System

Plumbmetrics is an easy online method for a status check on the well being of a family member, friend, or patient. The status can be as simple as that they are okay and up for the day, or an early warning showing a negative health trend. Plumbmetrics gives the Account Manager valuable insight through email or text message on a routine basis such as daily or weekly.

Why Plumbmetrics?

Plumbmetrics has been developed to help provide insight into the status and well being of a parent, neighbor, or friend using a tailored-made quiz, followed by an instant report or an alert.

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Watch Video Demos

The videos demonstrate the three quick and easy steps. Step One: Create Account Manager. Step Two: Create Profile and Quiz for the User. Step Three: www.Plumbchallenge.com log in site.

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View Sample Email & Text

The email can be a simple indication that the person is up and okay, or flag an immediate issue or shift or trend with their health.

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Try It Free!

Do you have an elderly parent or friend who you want to know their status? Maybe they are on a new medication and you want to check for improvements or side effects?

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